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    At what age did you start thinking that you were born in the wrong body? Mine is when I was seven years old, I always love the barbie dolls collections and always wear my sister's dresses.

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    I guess when I was ten years old but at that time I was afraid to my dad so I kept it to myself.


    • dickhertz
      dickhertz commented
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      I think that most of us who were at that age would be afraid to tell our parents about what we fell about our bodies

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    When I was just nine. I can feel that I really have more affection for girls than for boys.


    • DonHungwell
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      Were you a tomboy by any chance when you were growing up?

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    Since I was in grade school, I already questioned what I am and what I really like.


    • garyrary
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      And why is that questioned what you really like?

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    To those who answered, what made you feel that you're in the wrong body?


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      Originally posted by kendikendall View Post
      I always love the barbie dolls collections
      I'm guessing that those were your sister's toys? What did you do with your toys if you preferred those dolls?


      • macytrey
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        Either she ignored them completely or made dresses for his action figures

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      I was 12 years old, I wasn't really happy back then.


      • drew peacock
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        How did you deal with it? I mean the confused feeling that you have at that time.

      • daisyhoney
        daisyhoney commented
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        I dealt with it by being occupied but eventually, I faced it.