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  • New Beginnings

    To those who came out already, did you feel that it was a new beginning for you the day after you came out?

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    Yes, it felt that from that day forward, the old me is officially dead to me


    • evaspringer
      evaspringer commented
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      And the new you were born, right?

    • dixonCox
      dixonCox commented
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      evaspringer Quit messing with her. Lol
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    • BleakHeatingBoundary
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      dixonCox Technically speaking, she was correct. A new beginning also means being reborn.

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    I have a close friend who told me that the day after he came out was one of the best days in his life. So I guess most of them would be really happy with it


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      Not all, I guess. I have a gay friend who is still depressed after coming out.


      • annierection
        annierection commented
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        What exactly happened after your friend came out?

      • RageThinDrill
        RageThinDrill commented
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        annierection I bet he was discriminated and mocked. Sometimes, society is cruel.

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      I guess most did because of the reason that they do not need to hide their identity anymore.


      • ItsTrickie
        ItsTrickie commented
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        Indeed, most of my friends who transitioned told me that they feel complete and sees a new light ahead.

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      Of course, becoming a woman when you are biologically a male is like being born again. A new life to live as a woman.


      • VinnyBeany
        VinnyBeany commented
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        Would love to see the new you.

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      I felt I was born again when I came out. Lol


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        Of course honey. Do you expect that the opposite happened? lol


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          There might be some of feels bad since they got disowned or something, but the silver lining to it is that you're finally being true to yourself


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            Of course, I feel like myself finally.


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              I did think so because the feeling of completeness was finally there.


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                Of course, it was a new beginning for them because they got to live with their chosen gender.


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                  Absolutely! that's the main point of transitioning for me.


                  • Ponde4rHot
                    Ponde4rHot commented
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                    So do you have any regrets after transitioning?

                  • andycornholder
                    andycornholder commented
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                    Ponde4rHot do you really think or feel that she has any with her decision?

                  • Siumedia
                    Siumedia commented
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                    Ponde4rHot Never, this is what I want my whole life so why would I regret it.