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Scared of coming out

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  • Scared of coming out

    I have a young friend who is scared to come out. He is still young, just in senior high school. I used he as he still acts like a man. No one knows his secret except me. So, shall I help him come out into the open or just ignore him and let him do it by himself should events turn the other way?

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    He should not come out. The world would become a harsh world once he comes out. Better stay as he is.


    • RageThinDrill
      RageThinDrill commented
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      So you think that it would be much better if he would be in the closet and lying to himself rather than come out of the closet?

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    If your friend is courageous enough then you could help her come out now. Just warn her that it would be a difficult world out here.


    • BleakHeatingBoundary
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      I know right? Some people are still not used to people coming out of their shell. She needs support and understanding.

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    Since you mentioned he's still young, maybe he's still confused or pressured in today's society. I suggest he should give himself a back-check if he's really sure of his identity.


    • daisyhoney
      daisyhoney commented
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      I actually do not think that there is a confusion as you could already feel it when you were still a little kid.

    • Siumedia
      Siumedia commented
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      I believe in confusion but not pressured. Why, who would pressure him on the first place?

    • annierection
      annierection commented
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      Are you telling us that he might be pressured into being gay?

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    What makes him so scared of coming out? If he has understanding friends and family then it would be okay for him to come out.


    • BeachBurke
      BeachBurke commented
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      I have friends who are like him. Well, coming out was one of the hardest things that they had done. Meaning, coming out is not as easy as ordering a box of pizza over the phone.

    • JackWabbit
      JackWabbit commented
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      Maybe the problem is that he feels or knows that his friends and family are the type who would reject or shun people who don't fit the norms of society

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    If he's afraid that he might end up being homeless because of his coming out, I would suggest that he has to make sure that he would be having a place to stay in case his folks decides to kick him out because of it


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      Tell him that take his time when it comes to coming out of the closet. Just do it once he's truly ready for it and as a friend, make sure that you're always there for him


      • dickhertz
        dickhertz commented
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        You sound like that you've been in that situation before. I'm talking about being the supportive friend here and not the one who's going to come out

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      Just ignore him. If he wants to come out, then he would do it at the right time. Meanwhile, just continue your usual friendship with him.


      • evaspringer
        evaspringer commented
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        I think that his friend asked his help that's is why she's here asking our help to solve the kid's problem