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  • On coming out

    Okay, there are people who had the courage to come out. If you had a control on how to come out (again), how would you do it? Would you come out privately or come out publicly. I had seen one who came out in a public way that it was broadcast on a live television show.

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    I wish I could come out but how? lol. This is not applicable to me as I am a man. But anyway if I were a man who would come out as a trans then I would choose to have it privately. I would only tell it to my family and friends only. Of course, later on, the whole world would already know. Only the celebrities are the ones who have high chances of coming out publicly.


    • LikeCream
      LikeCream commented
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      Right. If I were a celebrity then the media want publicity so they would make it a news for all to digest. If I were a private person and trans then I would come out privately, too. No need to have those brouhaha.

    • dec
      dec commented
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      Yes, your comment is on point! I agree that us, ordinary people, would choose to come out privately to our friends and family and the public eye wouldn't give much a damn about it unless you're a celebrity, which is true.

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    If that were me, I'd only come out privately. No one would even care if I'd come out and show my true colors, it's just normal nowadays.


    • Injustice
      Injustice commented
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      They dont care at all even if you come out private it would still be a big deal publicly if you revealed yourself and the way you present yourself

    • Loveriegar
      Loveriegar commented
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      Very true. Why do we need to do the coming out in public?

    • pussyDefectivetight
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      Yeah, why would people bother to know what you are, right? People are too busy to get involved with that coming out.

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    Since I've always been a diva my life, I'd come out publicly. Let the whole world know, let the LGBTQ+ community know that there's an addition to their family and that's ME!


    • dixonCox
      dixonCox commented
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      Wow. You are so proud in coming out. Well, I admire your courage and keep up the liveliness.

    • Lisbeth
      Lisbeth commented
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      Oh, yeah! If I would come out again, I would really do it publicly. I would like to have all those attentions to me. lol.

    • Financial
      Financial commented
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      Lisbeth Yep. I would have to admit that I like attention. I want to be in the limelight. lol.

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    I could not come out as I am a real woman but if I were a trans then I would like to come out publicly and with a fanfare. There should be a live stream on the Internet for all people to view. It would both lively and dramatic. Oh, how nice could it be?


    • BreezeLoveTroik
      BreezeLoveTroik commented
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      I would definitely understand if you were some sort of celebrity in your hometown. But, who cares? Why would I even judge you for that? You might even think I might be raining on your parade but that's just my opinion.

    • assObeisanttight
      assObeisanttight commented
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      If I were a trans and would come out, it would be a public one. I would broadcast it on Youtube so that I would have a memory on it.

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    If I were a trans, I will absolutely come out in private because I am a very private person. My plan would be I'll come out to my family then my close friends. That's it but when someone asks then I guess I have to answer. Not all people needs to know my gender identity anyway. Coming out in private would mean that there will be less judgments.


    • andycornholder
      andycornholder commented
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      That's exactly what I did when I came out. It's better that way than coming out in public. Because when you come out in public, people have the power to criticize you.

    • LoveLatteHappy
      LoveLatteHappy commented
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      Yes, I would want to come out privately as well, if I'd ever come out as trans. I'm more like a quiet type of trans, that's for sure.

    • Bearitzens
      Bearitzens commented
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      Oh, yeah. You have a big point there. There would be less dramas in life.

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    If I were a trans and get to answer this question, I wouldn't mind coming out on full blast! Yes, I will come out publicly and I am proud of it. Why would I be ashamed of it? I've made my decision and it makes me feel free and alive.


    • LegsGo
      LegsGo commented
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      Out and proud! Yeah, I would love to come out like that. It'll be cool that you'll get to find new friends that are proud of you coming out. Ahh, my dream of joining the LGBTQ community makes me feel ecstatic!