Traditonal or modern way?

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  • Traditonal or modern way?

    In coming out, would you like to do it in the traditional way? I am talking about telling it directly to the people close to you. Or would you do something modern like just make a vlog and send it to all close people who need to know the truth?

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    We are now living on a modern and digital world, so I would make a vlog and just sent the link to those people who needed to know. Of course, I must make sure that the vlog must be creative and lively. Ah! They would be able to figure it out the easy way. Oh, by the way, I would be on my full makeup, and they won't be able to ascertain if they are looking someone they know. Lol.


    • ClingClippie
      ClingClippie commented
      You cannot just make a vlog and just send it to specific people. Sooner or later the truth will come out, so I'd suggest that you might as well upload the whole video on your social media. Shock the world and see if the people who means a lot to you will stay and accept you as who you are now.

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    If that were me, I'd keep it casual and traditional like telling it directly to someone about my coming out story. Making a vlog for it is a bit hassle, plus I am not a YouTuber, I do not know how to edit videos like how those YouTubers do it.


    • pussySwankylicking
      pussySwankylicking commented
      You can hire someone to do the job for you. I mean if you're planning to0 become a Youtuber, you can make great money out of it and you can afford to have someone editing your vlogs and giving you a more creative concept to give off some vibes to your Youtube channel.

    • assGratefultight
      assGratefultight commented
      Well, yes, having it the traditional way would be nice. You are right, being a Youtuber, you would need some editing skills. Or you could pay someone to edit the video for you.

    • GarnettThinBelieve
      GarnettThinBelieve commented
      Yes, if you make a vlog, then you remove the personal tone of coming out. Anyway, vlogs could make your life easy as you do not need to explain again and again anymore. They only need to play the video and that is it.

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    I'm not going to make a video about this or what they usually call vlog, I'd drop hints or be straightforward online and address my friends and family that I've come out as...yeah you get it anyway. So yeah, that's how I planned to come out if that ever happens which I doubt that it won't.


    • BeachBurke
      BeachBurke commented
      I just think that making a vlog is just too time-consuming. It is better to just come out, say it when you feel like you have all the courage to stand up for those criticisms and hatreds. What matters is that you've said it already, no more going behind the bush or whatsoever.

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    If I were a trans, and would come out. I would do those modern ways of coming out. And yes, through vlogs or I could even upload it on Youtube for the whole world to see.


    • SraAddictionAnnAccord
      Don't you think that there are so many other people that have done this already? I mean, you CAN do it in a modern way too but I suggest you should try it on a different angle. Or maybe a different kind of concept to add up creativity and uniqueness to it.

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    I think that it would be better to be traditional and come out to those people one by one and reveal to them what your true sexuality is. In that way, you would have the chance to say whatever you wish to do. They would question you and you could air your side. It is up to them to accept you or not.


    • daisyhoney
      daisyhoney commented
      It is better to come out the traditional way, to make it more simple and straightforward. Expect for the worse because nott all people might accept you for coming out that way but some will surely be happy for you that you've made this far and despite that, you finally had the courage to finally come out. One of the bravest things you could ever do is to come out to the world and just do it, you know, traditionally.

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    I don't see the point in doing it in the modern way because if someone does that then he/she just opens up her life for criticism for the public. I still prefer coming out in the traditional way.


    • TeethPlane
      TeethPlane commented
      But it is not going to be in public because you'll just send it to the people who are close to you. Anyway, I think I will still do it in the traditional way because I don't have the time to film and edit a vlog.

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    Why would I even come out? I don't think everyone deserves to know the truth about me, I am secretive and have my own ways of expressing who I really am but just now, thinking about answering this query made me feel more reserved. I think I will just let them find out about it.


    • KatrLove
      KatrLove commented
      I feel sad for you dear. I think it is best that you should keep yourself reserved but sooner or later you'll just have to come out, whenever your ready. No pressure, okay.

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    If I were a trans who could come out, I would choose to follow the traditional way of coming out. That is, I would talk to those people and inform them of who I am. In that way, it would be more personal and they would feel the sincerity of my actions.


    • LikeCream
      LikeCream commented
      It is better to be verbal about it because it would be more like opening up yourself to people you're telling to, right? I don't suggest making this much of a big thing like making a vlog out of it.

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    If I were a trans, I would not do anything. I would hide my transexuality. I would pretend that I am a real man. Nobody would ever know about my real sexuality.


    • dickhertz
      dickhertz commented
      Sometimes it is best to keep it that way and just answer only a few questions if there's someone who asks about it. Keep yourself reserved and everything will be just fine.

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    If you know that you're going to have a hard time explaining yourself face to face, might as well post it online so that they can see it


    • Bearitzens
      Bearitzens commented
      So you wouldn't mind if everybody can watch it or you would post the video in private and give the link to a select few?

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    Just hope that you're asking us this question so that we can talk about each others way of coming out and not because it is only know that you're thinking coming out to people who are close to you


    • StrangeNewsAncient
      StrangeNewsAncient commented
      I think that she's decided to post this to help others who are still having problems coming out to their family and friends

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    Not sure that posting that online is a good idea. Because there might be parts of that video that might end up as a meme


    • garyrary
      garyrary commented
      You're right about the meme part. People just take anything they see in the internet and use it for fun purposes.

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    I'd like to do it the traditional way. For me, it is more formal than the modern way and at the same time I would be able to truly connect and express my feelings genuinely.