My gay husbund

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  • My gay husbund

    what if my husband turns out to be gay and wants to have a boyfriend but he also wants
    to keep me as a wife since we have a kid what do I do?

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    well if he really loves you he would not even think of getting a boyfriend it's okay,
    to come out but getting a new partner? that's just plain wrong and very unfair
    on your side coming out is not an exucse


    • FunThin
      FunThin commented
      I think this man should get his head straight if he wants to stay for good with his boyfriend or just going to be a faithful husband for his wife and kid.

    • pussyTiredlicking
      pussyTiredlicking commented
      Okay, I got your point. He could remain to be gay and retain her to be his wife, but he should not get into another relationship. Sounds good to me, but it looks unfair to his wife.

    • DonHungwell
      DonHungwell commented
      You know why he came out, right? He wanted to be free and to have a boyfriend. I think that is the main reason why he told his wife about his true identity.

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    Eh? Is that even possible? I do not think that he could be two personalities at the same time. He must choose just one. But since he turned out to be gay, then I think that he would choose to be gay and that would mean that he would leave you as a wife already.


    • Bearitzens
      Bearitzens commented
      He should get a divorce already because if he truly loved his wife then there won't be a boyfriend involved. Plus, he did not think about his wife or kid, I wish if he had decided to finally leave them both, he would still sustain for the kid at the very least.

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    Are you sure that your husband wants to be gay and not trans? There is a difference here. You might be mistaken that he wanted to be gay when in fact he wanted to be a trans.


    • anyaneeze
      anyaneeze commented
      It is clear that she stated that her husband turned gay. I wonder why some gay men need to marry a woman, and then come out after years of having a married life.

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    That could be possible, but would you accept that kind of setup? Imagine the three of you living under the same roof. But how about if there are kids involved? How would you be able to explain that one to them?


    • #6
      Since this is a WHAT IF situation then I think you're just being paranoid FunSoft. Do not think things like that towards your husband. Why are you in doubt? Have you seen signs of your husband turning out to be gay now?


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        If you will ask me, I'll let my hubby have a talk with me and tell of my worries, but he's still insistent, I'd rather grant him his wish, but there will be conditions to be applied: that he won't abandon us, there won't be any changes with the relationship that we have towards the kids. For me, my kids are more important than anything.


        • Lisbeth
          Lisbeth commented
          I am not here to judge or anything but maybe if you're already comfortable with the idea and will try to give your husband a chance, you can tell your husband to keep it a secret.

      • #8
        You are in the rough roads of your relationship, love, but hopefully, your path will be smoothened because whatever we say here, at the end of the day, your decision will always be followed. Just give your husband a chance to talk and be heard. He'll appreciate it more than you know. I am sure of it!


        • VinnyBeany
          VinnyBeany commented
          Don't mistake his coming out of the closet as a sign of war. Don't freak out already! Just calm down and schedule a time where you can talk about it privately then you can decide from there.

        • CumbersomeDirection
          Eh? But her husband is gay and wants to keep her! Should she allow that one to happen? I do not think that it looks good.