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Disappointed at date/hookup

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  • Disappointed at date/hookup

    Have you ever been disappointed with your date or with a hookup? If yes, how so?
    Well, it is hard and funny to admit but there was once where I was so much disappointed with myself.
    Okay, my hookup had a bigger package than what I had.

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    Oh, my. Did the two of you had a great time? Or did the two of you regretted hooking up with each other?


    • Siumedia
      Siumedia commented
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      Well, I just hope that he should've stayed with his date and had a good time instead.

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    Disappointed few times already. Well, I was not able to take home a few of my hot dates. Those were the sad dates as I was expecting that I would get laid. LOL.


    • LegsGo
      LegsGo commented
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      Where were you at that time and who are you with? Probably because of the wrong people you're with or you must be at a wrong place at the wrong time lol.

    • ItsTrickie
      ItsTrickie commented
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      That is the reason that you should not expect too much. Expectations bring misery when it fails to be delivered.

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    Disappointments? Ah! There is one common scenario on my dates and hookups. No matter how pretty you are, when they learn that you are something else, most guys would ghost you. I have been ghosted many times already.


    • daisyhoney
      daisyhoney commented
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      Is ghosting becoming a thing now? I've read so many things about it and it's horrible! Good thing I've never encountered such a thing.

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    I got disappointed with my hot hookup. He was the worst of all the dates I've had and I'll tell you why. First was his small package, the second was he came fast and left me hanging, and third, he wasn't sweet to be a hookup at all. I'm glad I snuck out of the room and left him.


    • BeachBurke
      BeachBurke commented
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      What do you mean by "he wasn't sweet to be a hookup at all"? Are you talking about during sex or it was during the entire date?

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    Yes, there have been a couple of dates that were disappointing because they were blind dates


    • Labea
      Labea commented
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      Were they disappointing because they didn't look like they did on their pictures or they acted like an entitled person during the date?

    • assObeisanttight
      assObeisanttight commented
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      Labea They looked so different. They looked so good on their photos but not in the flesh. So disappointing.

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    Once went on a date with a guy that was spent in total silence. He didn't even looked at me when he was asking me a question