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To meet him again?

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  • To meet him again?

    You have learned that your ex is currently on your location. He is back from who knows where. Would you meet him as friends again?

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    Sure. I could ask him if I could still meet him. I am sure that I had missed that young man. Oh, I am excited to see him again!


    • dickhertz
      dickhertz commented
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      LOL. Reading your post looks like you want to eat him. Okay, I could sense that you really missed your young man.

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    Meet as a friend? No. He could have a new girlfriend already. I would not want to be a part of his life anymore. I was a part of his life but not anymore.


    • BeachBurke
      BeachBurke commented
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      I wouldn't want to meet up with my ex-girlfriend too, she might be with her new boyfriend and decides to show up there just to flaunt her new boyfriend to me. Such a show-off!

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    Sure, he is around but the great question is: "Would he like to see you?" Yes, you may like to see him but what if he does not want to see you around anymore?


    • pussyPaltrywet
      pussyPaltrywet commented
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      Absolutely! You might be the only one who is excited to see him but he does not want to see you anymore. Sometimes, let us not expect that things would still be the same again. Time changes people.

    • Loveriegar
      Loveriegar commented
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      There is a high chance that he won't want to see her again. lol.

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    For old time's sake, I'll meet with him. But I'll just agree for a coffee date or a lunch date so that we can have some catching up. And I will definitely not hookup with him again.


    • GarnettThinBelieve
      GarnettThinBelieve commented
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      If only he's down fro that as well too right? I don't think that any of my exes would agree to meet up with him. It might be just a coincidence that he's stopping by to see someone but definitely not ME!

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    I think I would try to meet up with her if I am still single and available. Because that wouldn't look good if I am already in a relationship with someone else, right?


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      If that is an ex before I became a trans, I will think twice because for sure, that person will be shocked and overwhelmed by the major change that I made to myself.


      • CumbersomeDirection
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        Hahaha. For sure! And please do not contact that person again.

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      Maybe I'll ask him out for a drink at the bar. Well, if he agrees, then okay. But if not, still okay to me. It's not like I still have some feelings left for him.


      • assWrytight
        assWrytight commented
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        This is probably what I'll do as well. I do not like my ex to think that I am ignoring him because I haven't moved on from him yet. This is also better so that no hatred will be given towards each other.