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  • Having an online bf/gf

    Does anyone here have an online boyfriend or girlfriend?
    Do you even consider having an online boyfriend or girlfriend while hooking up in real life?
    I'd consider myself having an online boyfriend even if I have hookups on the side, they will never know this side of me.

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    I can have an online girlfriend but she has the right to know that I am hooking up with other people but as long as she knows what I've been doing then there's no need for me to hide things from her.


    • dickhertz
      dickhertz commented
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      And she is allowed to hook up with random men too with your permission? Then, okay, that sounds fair enough!

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    I think it's okay to have multiple online boyfriends, it's easy to fool them around into thinking that you're totally into them but you have other boyfriends on the side, plus, frequent real-life hookups too. Only if you can manage to do all these then there is no problem with it.


    • KatrLove
      KatrLove commented
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      Some men lie so, I might as well play their dirty little games too. I'd be out there hooking up with a bunch of guys while we're still 'virtually together', besides, he will never know.

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    That sounds fun but did you know that it is called cheating?


    • LikeCream
      LikeCream commented
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      I know that it is cheating especially when the other does not know what is going on to his/her partner after they get off of their screens. This is pretty sad, but the thing is, it usually happens to long-distance relationships or online couples.

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    I could have an online girlfriend but I should not hookup on the side anymore. It is simply not right to do it.


    • Siumedia
      Siumedia commented
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      I hope most guys have a mindset like you. Guys should learn how to be faithful to their partners. And they should learn that being in a relationship is not a game that they should play with.

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    Okay, if I was playful, then I could do this game: to have an online boyfriend and have hook ups on the side. It could be possible that my online boyfriend would not be serious with me so what is the point of being serious with him?


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      Is having an online boyfriend synonymous with having video calls with him? If yes, then sign me in! I would love to have video calls with him. Not the ordinary video calls; I want the sex video calls.


      • StickStitch
        StickStitch commented
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        So, how long are you willing to stay in that situation? I mean having sex video calls could be tiresome if you badly want the person to be next to you and actually doing the things you wanted to do.

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      I don't think I can manage to do something like that because I have always been loyal and faithful. If I am in a relationship with someone, I can't stomach hooking up with someone else.


      • pussyDazzlingwet
        pussyDazzlingwet commented
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        So, you think that it is better to be in a relationship in real life than those online? Well, it's true it's not the distance but you are longing to be with someone physically. It will only be possible if you're in a relationship with someone in person not online.

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      Would that involve frequent video chats? If yes, then I would love to have that one. Even if we could do the video chats every night, I would not get tired. Lol.


      • StrangeCup
        StrangeCup commented
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        And I'm sure that those video chats would involve something freaky and I will no longer mention it here since everyone gets the same idea as I do, lol!

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      No. What would I do with an online boyfriend? It would just be a waste of time. I want someone who is real whom I could feel and touch. Lol.