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  • I, Disappear

    To those who often have one night stands on the other persons place, how many of you are the type who would sneak out after doing it?

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    I often leave after a few hours since I don't want things to be awkward between the two of us in the morning.


    • StrangeNewsAncient
      StrangeNewsAncient commented
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      Why do you think that it would be awkward for the both of you?

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    I would try and leave as early as I can if it happens at his place. But if it would be at my place, I will just tell him that it is up to him if he wants to sleep here or not.


    • FunSoft
      FunSoft commented
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      And do they often spend the night with you or they would leave a few hours after?

    • Bearitzens
      Bearitzens commented
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      I was thinking that you were going to kick him out of your place lol.

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    I won't sneak up if the person is so sweet and welcoming otherwise I will just break their hearts and will not be able to come back to them.


    • LikeCream
      LikeCream commented
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      So are you sure that you'll guarantee another sex time with them? It's only a one night stand so don't expect another one.

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    If it's at the place of the guy, I would sneak out a few hours after we're done. If it's at my place, I'm would ask him to leave since I'm not really comfortable sleeping with a person beside me.


    • BuffyThinFun
      BuffyThinFun commented
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      What if he asks if he can sleep at the couch, are you going to be fine with that?

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    I will definitely sneak out especially if I'm drunk when I did it so I can avoid him before he wakes up.


    • StrangeCup
      StrangeCup commented
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      Are you afraid that you've done terrible and embarrassing things with him that why you think of sneaking out?

    • pussySwankylicking
      pussySwankylicking commented
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      Well, if your drunk you know that you have to sneak out quietly and don't let yourself fall because of being drunk.

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    If I still want to spend time with the guy then I'll stay otherwise I'll sneak out if I don't find him interesting.


    • JackWabbit
      JackWabbit commented
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      If you mean interesting does it include someone who is "hot" or someone who got a sense of humor?

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    I think the best for us trans people is to sneak out so no one will see us or the person might be judged if he is sleeping with someone like us.


    • Injustice
      Injustice commented
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      Have you slept with someone who didn't know that you're trans? Is that the reason why you want the person to avoid the judgement of others?

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    Most of the time I would ask her whether she doesn't mind that if I spend the night at her place. If she kicks me out, I would be fine with it and don't make a huge deal out of it.


    • SmilesAway
      SmilesAway commented
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      I often stay with the person hoping I'll get another chance at it.

    • VinnyBeany
      VinnyBeany commented
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      Do you always crash at their place and not yours? For me, I love it when they crash in my place.

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    The only time I would sneak out is when I slept at her place and I have to go to somewhere asap and I don't want to wake her up.


    • TeethPlane
      TeethPlane commented
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      Was there a time that the girl caught you sneaking out? if so, what did you tell her when she asked you where you're going?

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    I prefer doing it over at my place so it is a given that I wouldn't sneak out. As for the guy that I'm with, I will let him decide whether he wants to sleep on the couch or on his bed.


    • pussyDefectivetight
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      Do you do the same thing with your boyfriend? Do you tell him to sleep on the couch or you wouldn't mind that he sleeps beside you.

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    If I'm not comfortable with the guy then I have to sneak out once it's over and move on to the next one.


    • pussyTiredlicking
      pussyTiredlicking commented
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      I think you always sneak out with the guys you've been and how was it? How many times did you sneak out?

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    I will stay so I can still have fun and laugh with the person and hoping we will do it again and have few more rounds.