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Bizarre place to have sex

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  • Bizarre place to have sex

    This is just for fun. If you were able to have sex in one of the most bizarre places, where would you choose? I'll choose under the sea, probably in a sea kingdom with merpeople or on a submarine. We can go hard and I could scream on top of my lungs, and no one could hear us.
    Haunted house
    Out in space
    Under the sea
    On top of a hill

  • #2
    Well, it wouldn't be spooky to have sex in a haunted house. Probably the ghosts there might envy us because of the rough sex lol


    • dickhertz
      dickhertz commented
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      I chose a haunted house as well, I'm always in it for the thrill. Imagine ghosts will be watching you from the corner of the room, I'll ignore it and just continue fucking.

    • SmilesAway
      SmilesAway commented
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      Was expecting that the two of you wouldn't notice it since the both of you are too busy having sex

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    I would like to be out in the space and make history as the first people who had sex in space. Since we would be the first couple who had sex in space, our names would be listed in the pages of history to be remembered by all of humankind.


    • BuffyThinFun
      BuffyThinFun commented
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      How about fucking an alienoid figure? Oh, fucking out in space huh? Well, I thought it was about fucking an alien but whatever space and aliens are cool lol

    • JaneDough
      JaneDough commented
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      BuffyThinFun But do aliens, if ever they really exist, have cocks and pussies?

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    On top of a hill is never bizarre at all as there so many bizarre hills scattered across the world. What could be the strangest hill in the world? Anyway, the views around the hills might be so scenic that you might even forget the need to have sex anymore.


    • #5
      Under the seaaaaa...I've always wanted to be a mermaid. Fucking a merman would be hot but the closest thing I can do right now is being fucked under the sea in a submarine lol


      • FrogAddiction
        FrogAddiction commented
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        Why not just fuck underwater since that can be more interesting that doing it inside a submarine

    • #6
      A haunted house since you have certain kind of kink to consider having sex in that type of place as a turn on lol


      • anyaneeze
        anyaneeze commented
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        Have you been with one who's interested in doing it there with you?

    • #7
      I prefer doing it in a haunted house since there's a chance that I would be too busy fucking to get frightened by the spirits that are staying there


      • GarnettThinBelieve
        GarnettThinBelieve commented
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        I think it would depend on how good your partner is. If your partner is as stiff as a board during sex, then you will end up noticing your surroundings and might see a "ghost" or something

    • #8
      Me and the guy have to learn how to free dive so that we can try and do it under the sea. We would be diving up to a certain depth and maybe try and do a couple of trust at that depth before we head back to the surface lol


      • KistKiss
        KistKiss commented
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        Do you really think that it is possible for the two of you do it while free diving? And do you think he can get his dick hard at that depth?

      • anitalongerman
        anitalongerman commented
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        I'm guessing that you're already fine with a couple of thrusts under the sea since it would be hard to actually finish the deed since the two of you are just free diving

    • #9
      It would be in space. Imagine the mess that the two of you would make will be floating around once you're done lol


      • annierection
        annierection commented
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        They would also end up bumping onto other objects since they're floating all over