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Hookups for the old ones

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  • Hookups for the old ones

    I wonder if the older trans also have easy hookups just like the young trans?

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    I think that the younger ones being more aggressive would have more hookups than the older ones. Those young trans are bolder in pursuing hookups with young men, too.


    • ClingClippie
      ClingClippie commented
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      You're right, it's those youngsters that often get more hookups than older people. They're indeed excited to have sex and for those older people, well, the only thing that is stopping them from having sex is having low libido. Or probably they're too old to try new or extraordinary positions.

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    I think old trans hookup with their fellow old trans or maybe with the younger ones. Either way, hookups for trans are everywhere. I do think that they get more hookups than men and women at birth.


    • pussyDazzlingwet
      pussyDazzlingwet commented
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      Yes, it's true and I want to know how those trans can get easy hookups than us straight men and women. Can someone out there please teach me how?

    • macytrey
      macytrey commented
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      Hookups are everywhere? No, I do not think so. Actually, it is a bit hard to have some hookups.

    • Siumedia
      Siumedia commented
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      It is like you are saying that we are all into sex. It is like we are walking sex already. Lol. But, yeah, I got your point.

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    I think the older trans have hookups with the younger men but with some financial considerations at place.


    • dec
      dec commented
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      If that is the case for the older trans then how about those younger trans?

    • pussyTiredlicking
      pussyTiredlicking commented
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      I guess that most of the older trans would go that route. OMG. I could not imagine myself going to that route when I get older. It looks scary to me.

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    I think that it would be harder for them to have hookups. Look, they are already old so that would mean that they are not as beautiful as they were in their younger days.


    • Injustice
      Injustice commented
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      Especially if they cannot perform well in bed too. They only have limited sex positions to do and little time to do things because they've become weak, which is true, right?

    • annierection
      annierection commented
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      Injustice For very old trans, then that might be the case. Of course, we could not deny the fact that most old trans are still very energetic.

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    Oh, my gosh. I could not imagine when I get older! Oh, no, how about the banging when I am older? This made me think now and I am scared.


    • pussyLargewet
      pussyLargewet commented
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      As long as you can keep up and you still have that mojo inside of you then it is possible that you can still hookup despite your old age, lol!

    • Labea
      Labea commented
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      That is the reason why you need to hookup a lot while you are still young. Seize the moments while you have it.

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    Originally posted by anitalongerman View Post
    I wonder if the older trans also have easy hookups just like the young trans?
    If they can offer money for someone to have sex with them then it's easy. Am I right? Oh, come on! People will do anything in exchange for money.


    • FunSoft
      FunSoft commented
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      Yes, of course, they would. Men are willing to have sex when money gets involved.