Never Expected That It Will Turn Into This

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  • Never Expected That It Will Turn Into This

    To those who prefers casual hookups or fuck buddies, does any of them tried to make things official with you? Like they wanted you to be their boyfriend or girlfriend. If so, what's your common answer to that question?

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    It depends on the connection that I have with the person. If I feel or sense that this might be something special, then I might say yes to him. If not, I will just tell him that I'm not looking for anything serious at the moment.


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      There were a few who tried but I feel that it will not work out for us if we become a couple.


      • dixonCox
        dixonCox commented
        What did you see with those guys that made you think that the two of you are not a romantic match for each other?

    • #4
      It has been fifty-fifty for me. I've asked them to make things exclusive with me and vice versa and so far most of them are willing to make it a romantic relationship and not just a sexual one.


      • pussySwankylicking
        pussySwankylicking commented
        Were you happy that some of them were agreed to be in a romantic relationship with you?

      • ItsTrickie
        ItsTrickie commented
        pussySwankylicking to be honest I'm surprised and thrilled by their answer.

    • #5
      I feel that some do want to admit that she wants to form a romantic bond with me but I already warned them to never fall in love with me and it's the rule.


      • GriceVoice
        GriceVoice commented
        Do you ever avoid those girls who want to be with you or do you still offer them those boyfriend sexperience?

    • #6
      One actually tried since he confesses to me that I can make his life turn around and I thought he was joking. He started giving flowers then I reject it since I don't want to be involved romantically.


      • SraAddictionAnnAccord
        Did he take the rejection well and was that the main reason you stopped being fuck buddies with him?

    • #7
      Never in life that one of my fuck buddies proposes something like this since we only enjoy what we do and don't develop any deep connections and it's just the sex which is deep.


      • KistKiss
        KistKiss commented
        Well, in my case it's only the dick that I am after and not the heart. We only agreed to do something sexual and that's it.

    • #8
      No, since it will only make our life difficult and it's best if we will just stay as fuckbuddies and nothing else.


      • StrangeCup
        StrangeCup commented
        Why do you think that having a romantic partner will make your lives difficult? Are you the type of person who's not fond of being in relationships?

      • macytrey
        macytrey commented
        Exactly, I don't like being in a relationship cause I find it tiring and stressful and you won't have freedom at all. StrangeCup

    • #9
      I've always made sure that my fuck buddies remained my fuck buddies. There were some who tried to turn into an actual relationship, but they failed.


      • pussyPaltrywet
        pussyPaltrywet commented
        Did you stopped being their fuck buddy when they told you that they wanted to properly date you?

    • #10
      I've never been asked by my previous fuck buddies if I wanted to be in romantic relationship with me.


      • ClingClippie
        ClingClippie commented
        What are you going to tell them if they ever asked you that question. Will it be a quick yes or it will depend if they are boyfriend worthy or not?

      • MarlinMartingale
        MarlinMartingale commented
        Did you ever have a fuck buddy that you feel will be a good boyfriend?

    • #11
      No, we haven't tried to make it official and that's the last thing on my mind which is to have a relationship with one of my fuck buddies.


      • assWrytight
        assWrytight commented
        Are you afraid to commit to them if they are your last resource or if some of your fuck buddies want you?

      • pussyLargewet
        pussyLargewet commented
        But did any of your fuck buddies wanted to take your fuck buddy relationship into a serious one?

      • CumbersomeDirection
        pussyLargewet there's one but as I mentioned, we did not make it official assWrytight I just want them to be my fuck buddy.

    • #12
      I was in love before with a fuck buddy of mine and told me that it was not a good idea since all we do is have sex and we barely know something about each other.


      • LoveLatteHappy
        LoveLatteHappy commented
        If you're in love with him maybe both of you need to try something other than sex and date him for a while, It might change his mind so you can talk about each other's personal life.

      • JaneDough
        JaneDough commented
        LoveLatteHappy nah, I didn't pushed it anymore, we just happily stayed as fuck buddy, LOL.

    • #13
      Never been in a situation like this and I don't have a fuck buddy right now but I will be open to try it if I happen to be in this kind of situation.


      • Loverser
        Loverser commented
        So none of your previous fuck buddies wanted to take things seriously with you?

      • JackWabbit
        JackWabbit commented
        So will you ask him out on a date and make a move on him if he happens to be your type?

    • #14
      I've asked a few fuck buddies before if they wanted to make things exclusive between the two of us. Luckily some of them said yes.


      • Creamal
        Creamal commented
        How was the relationship when both of you were officially a couple? I hope its not sex all the time lol.