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  • Not attracted to me

    I like some people and I tend to be attracted to them. The problem is, they are not attracted to me. What should I do?

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    There would always be people who would like you back. And those are the people who we should be having some focus on. Let us ignore the people who do not like us as we could not do anything with it anymore.


    • Bearitzens
      Bearitzens commented
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      I agree with you Financial! I wouldn't want to waste my precious time with people who don't like me, even just a little bit. Such a waste!

    • TeethPlane
      TeethPlane commented
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      But what if you like the person so bad and all it takes is a little push to make them like you back? You just need to up your game Financial

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    Sometimes, those people need some flirting. And occasionally, some prodding. If those fail, then do not forget the power of money. lol.


    • dec
      dec commented
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      No money should be involved, just the flirting. I don't know if they would accept it right away.

    • KatrLove
      KatrLove commented
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      The power of money is so powerful that even the most stubborn men would turn to do something else. lol.

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    How do we attract someone? Simple, be a flirt and flirt with them. Maybe it might work and they're just desperate to make the right moves as well. You'll never know unless you try.


    • BreezeLoveTroik
      BreezeLoveTroik commented
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      It's good to flirt too, especially us girls. It's okay for us to flirt. I once flirted with someone I like...then, boom! I discovered that he wants me too, he's just having a hard time to catch my attention.

    • pussySwankylicking
      pussySwankylicking commented
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      Ah! Tried flirting here and there. Done this and done that. It is always a hit and miss, actually. Some would like you while some would just brush you off. I know.

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    They're not attracted to you simply because they're not meant for you. You should find someone who's attracted to you and will be the first to say that to you. KistKiss


    • assHangingtight
      assHangingtight commented
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      Yes FunSoft and that's the truth. You should find someone who's really into you and not force yourself to become someone else so that other people will like you KistKiss

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    Did you try that having money makes you more attractive? Oh, yeah, I tried and it worked. You don't believe me? Try it yourself.


    • FunThin
      FunThin commented
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      I believe you! I know how money could make us more attractive to the eyes of those men. I tried it and it worked. How about that? lol.

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    What to do? Nothing. There is nothing that I could do. If a person does not want me, then I would leave it just like that. I could refocus my attention to other people.


    • SraAddictionAnnAccord
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      yeah just leave them be there's nothing you can do unless you pull a trick that might work on them

    • LikeCream
      LikeCream commented
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      @SraAddictionAccord what kind of trick are you referring to, is it a love potion? Because if it is, I think that's your way of attracting someone effortlessly lol. But I'd prefer not to use that and I hope no one uses that on me.

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    Well don't be so ashamed if they don't fall for you. Show them something that might attract or caught their attention towards you


    • ItsTrickie
      ItsTrickie commented
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      What would be those things that we could show to them in order us to get their attention?

    • evaspringer
      evaspringer commented
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      ItsTrickie I think its simple just do some makeovers and change your looks which might help

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    That's the problem of someone who isn't like too much. I think they key is the do something that would attract them to you but if your effort is wasted then better leave them alone and find someone who would appreciate you more


    • CumbersomeDirection
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      I like this one we should just focus on others rather wasting our time on people who dont like us

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    Originally posted by KistKiss View Post
    I like some people and I tend to be attracted to them. The problem is, they are not attracted to me. What should I do?
    To make a person attracted to you is to flirt with them if it doesn't work then look for another person to flirt to. They will soon be attracted to you and that's true because it's what I do.


    • Siumedia
      Siumedia commented
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      Or how about you flirt all of them, like collect and select. To see who reigns from them all, huh? What do you think of that? Loverser

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    This is not much of a problem, If they are not attracted then get them drunk lol and wear sexy attractive clothes or better be undress yourself in front of them that might get their attention and they'll starts having sex with you LOL


    • LoveLatteHappy
      LoveLatteHappy commented
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      yeah get em drunk or give them a love pill or love potion that will make them in love with me haha... Do you know where I can get some?