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  • Is it possible?

    I have a question. I do not know much about this one but do you think that a straight man could fall in love with a trans woman? Note that the term is fall in love and not have sex only.

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    If a straight man falls in love with a trans woman, it means that he is attracted to her personality, not that she is trans but there's more from that. Considering that they're compatible with each other as couples, even if there's no sex involved.


    • pussyDefectivetight
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      Hmmm, yeah, you have a point there. Maybe, falling in love with the person's personality but not with the body. It is like a special kind of a love.

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    It is possible because a straight man has fallen in love with me before, no sexual attraction but there's a spark between us. Too bad, he already passed away.


    • SraAddictionAnnAccord
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      I'm sorry to hear that, well I bet that he was a great guy and he seems to be treating you nicely. Even if there is no sexual contact between you two, he genuinely loves you for your kind personality.

    • Financial
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      He passed away? May I know the reason why he passed away at an early age? Well, that was too bad that he left this world too soon. Still, I am not convinced that a straight man would fall in love with a trans woman.

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    I guess it is possible if the straight man is kindhearted and nonjudgmental. If the man is really interested in what's within and not just the physical characteristics, then I guess what you're saying is possible.
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    • Lisbeth
      Lisbeth commented
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      I couldn't agree more. I would just like to add that if the trans woman has a really nice and interesting personality, I guess that would be enough to make the man fall in love.

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    Well, here are only my sentiments. I guess it's a no. Because if he's really straight, he won't even consider having sex with a trans, how much more falling in love?


    • GarnettThinBelieve
      GarnettThinBelieve commented
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      I guess it applies to some people but not all straight man you mean. Yes, not ALL straight man would fall deeply in love with a transwoman, mostly it's because of money and lust. Sad, right?

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    I guess it's possible if he doesn't know that she's a trans. Most straight men tend to prefer those who have real tits and pussies anyway.


    • Injustice
      Injustice commented
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      I don't know, but some men might even want to try and date a transperson. Probably they've seen real love for them and others are just pure lust.

    • BleakHeatingBoundary
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      He will soon find out that she's trans, of course, guys are always in it for sex and the moment he finds out well, I don't know how he's going to take it. Will he accept it or not? I'm clueless as well.

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    That could be possible. Especially if the trans woman offers the straight man something else aside from sex. Lots of money and luxury, perhaps? The straight man will definitely fall in love with her if that's the case!


    • GriceVoice
      GriceVoice commented
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      Is he actually falling in love with her? Or is he in love with those material things? He must be confused, it is definitely not love but it is pure lust.