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Dealing with your partner's horrible sibling

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  • Dealing with your partner's horrible sibling

    A friend I know told me how confused she was when her partner's sibling just hated her for no reason. The sibling is making up stories about her and tells it to the parents which made them disapprove of their engagement ceremony. I can't tell how my friend looked devastated as she did nothing wrong but to just love her partner dearly, but why would his sibling be hating on her with no apparent reason? If your partner's sibling wasn't that nice to you, do you think that it's about time that you should leave your partner or not?

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    You know what? They're adults so they better decide on their own without the man's parent's and sibling's approval. If they're really meant for each other then they should work things out and continue on with the engagement then comes the wedding ceremony. Your friend deserves to be happy with her husband not with the approval of his sibling that hated her for no reason. What's that even about?


    • assWrytight
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      He is the man so he gets to decide on his own and does not let her family interfere with the things he wanted to do in his life. Why do they even need to hate his future wife if she did not do anything wrong to them? Not even to her future husband.

    • FunSoft
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      I do not believe that there was no reason why her partner's sibling hated her. There could be a reason behind it. As you said, they are already adults.

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    There's always a reason why a partner's sibling might hate you for every little thing you do. I guess she's insecure, now that her older brother is getting married, she knows how he used to spoil her and thinks that you're taking him away from her. Well, she should grow up and accept that her brother will leave her soon and now her soon to be sister-in-law is more sweet and charming than her. She cannot do anything to stop this wedding.


    • HaremHarmony
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      I think that they should talk about this to settle everything once and for all. How can engagement and wedding ceremonies be able to push through if the man's family does not like his fiance? There's a problem that needs to be resolved around this.

    • pussyPaltrywet
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      A good guess over there. That could be true if is sister is just a young girl. What if his sister is an older sister? An older sister who could think rationally. Admit it, she could have done something bad to that older sister.

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    The sibling should not be meddling in his brother's engagement proposals with her soon to be sister-in-law. It is between them and if she hates her that much, she must have a problem with herself. Her brother's fiance is not that horrible to her, why is she acting like a drama queen anyway?


    • TeethPlane
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      She was the baby sister and she's furious knowing that his favorite brother is getting married and will no longer spoil her since he already is getting married and soon will have a lovely wife.

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    I think her fiance's family does not like her, how come? She must have done something and has not told you about it garyrary. what do you think, hmm? It could be possible because her fiance's sister is always furious towards her.


    • BreezeLoveTroik
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      You could be right, maybe she has done something wrong and they family already dislike this fiance and was hoping that their engagement will not push through so there wouldn't be a wedding to celeberate anytime soon.

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    Why should they be so concerned about what the sibling has to say about their engagement? Shouldn't they be more concerned that they're about to mess up this huge wedding that the man has already been planned? He will be pissed to know that his own sibling does not support his happiness and now the sibling is dragging their parents to be against it as well.


    • assThunderingtight
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      Why does the engagement have to be postponed? The woman has something to do with it and she did not admit that maybe she has her faults in this too.

    • Siumedia
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      When there are family members who are opposing something, that is because they have something that they had seen. That something must be looked at to.

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    Your friend could have done something wrong in the past but assumed she had not done anything wrong. It is either she did it unintentionally and had forgotten it or she refused to accept that she did something wrong and maintained her innocence up to the end.


    • FrogAddiction
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      I guess that she did something bad to the man's sibling. Nobody would get mad at you without you doing anything bad at them.

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    Your partner's sibling might be horrible to you, but on the side of your partner's sibling, you are also horrible. That is, the feeling is mutual. So, what can be done? Nothing if nobody would come up with a good plan to reconcile the differences and settle the issues.


    • DonHungwell
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      Why can't they just move forward to the ceremony and let the parents agree to their soon that he's already getting married? Yes, and it would be anytime soon. They should all settle those issues and start something new with their lives.

    • BeachBurke
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      Well, the feeling is mutual. If it is, then do not do something on it anymore. As time passes by, the feeling of animosity would be lessened.

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    Is she targeting my sexuality? I could presume that she is acting up because I am a trans woman. She could be transphobic, huh?


    • BleakHeatingBoundary
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      Damn, that would not end well if she's really transphobic but if your husband loves you dearly then he will find ways to make the engagement ceremony a success for both of you. Why the need for him to let his sister meddle into your lives as couples?