Men asking transgenders

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  • Men asking transgenders

    Have you ever encountered someone who had asked you to have sex with them simply because they were only curious? I am talking about men asking transgender women just to experience it.

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    No. I had never experienced that one. In fact, it is the other way around. I am the one who asks for those men to have sex with me. Well, I am just stating the truth here.


    • SraAddictionAnnAccord
      And do they always agree to have sex with you when you ask them to?

  • #3
    Just to experience it? No way. There are men who would want to have sex with transwomen only when the price is right for them.


    • VinnyBeany
      VinnyBeany commented
      Do you really think that money is the only motivation for a straight guy to sleep with a transgender woman? It hasn't crossed your mind that it is possible that there are straight guys who are willing to sleep with a transgender woman just because they want to try it at least once.

  • #4
    Correct me, but what I know is that the transgenders are the ones who ask the men to have sex with them.


    • Lisbeth
      Lisbeth commented
      Does it mean if I asked you to have sex with me, are you going to say yes? lol

    • ClingClippie
      ClingClippie commented
      I think it depends on what the man likes. There are also other men who willingly ask transgenders.

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    Yes, there are guys out there who are willing to try it even once. But I think those guys prefer the ones who had sexual reassign surgery


    • pussySwankylicking
      pussySwankylicking commented
      Is it safe to say that the pre-op transgender women are still discriminated as some men would choose to have those post-op transgender women?

    • Bearitzens
      Bearitzens commented
      Well, that is what I think. Maybe, they like to experience and know the feeling of having sex with post-op transwomen.

  • #6
    It is a possibility, but it would be rare. Mostly, those guys would have hesitations to do it. They are afraid of what other people might call them should they learn of their uncanny sexual activity.


    • BleakHeatingBoundary
      If those straight guys are afraid of what might other say to them after sleeping with a person who is trans, then they should just do it as discreet as possible.

  • #7
    I'm willing to do it with someone who has fully transitioned already since I can go raw on her.


    • garyrary
      garyrary commented
      You should remember that you need to have a ton of lube since they don't get wet down there.

    • dickhertz
      dickhertz commented
      Go raw? Are you sure with that one? Did you know that you would still have a hard time fucking a post-op transgender?

  • #8
    I won't ask them, but for experience's sake, then I might give in with their offer. Look, there are not many men who are lucky to have sex with post-op transgenders. I would take that opportunity to have one.


    • GriceVoice
      GriceVoice commented
      What if she asks you to be her fuck buddy are you willing to grab the opportunity or not?

    • assWrytight
      assWrytight commented
      Are you sure that you're not going to ask anything in exchange of sleeping with you?

    • KistKiss
      KistKiss commented
      So it's just going to be a one time thing or it will be something that you're going to do every once in a while?