Full switch done!

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  • Full switch done!

    I would like to know if some transgenders still feel bad once they had undergone the full switch to being transgender people. That is, the full operations have been done on their bodies.

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    Well, most that I had known became happy after they made the full switch. Although, I had watched a documentary that there were some people who wanted to go back to their original state, but of course, how could they do that one when a bottom operation is irreversible?


    • DonHungwell
      DonHungwell commented
      Non-operated people can still go back to the gender that they were assigned at birth. The problem lies on the post-operated people. It is an irreversible process where there is no turning back anymore.

    • assObeisanttight
      assObeisanttight commented
      There is no turning back once you are done with your operation. Your cock would be gone forever. Well, would you have another operation to have a cock?

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    Mostly, they became happy. They say that the full operation made them complete. Some say that their childhood dream to become a woman had been fulfilled.


    • assWrytight
      assWrytight commented
      How about you? Is that something that you're hoping to do in the near future?

    • KistKiss
      KistKiss commented
      Did they immediately felt happy about it or it took sometime?

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    Well, it is a dream of most transgenders to have a full body switch. I guess that they would be very happy once they achieved their dreams.


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      There might have been a few who regretted it also there might be some who decided not to continue


      • dickhertz
        dickhertz commented
        Eh? So what happened with those who regretted?

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      When you had your dream come true, would you not feel happy? See? They are happy, and we should also be happy for them.


      • JaneDough
        JaneDough commented
        Yes, having your dreams fulfilled is nice. But there are cases when it feels like it is a shallow success. You might end up asking yourself what's the next thing that you're going to do since you've achieved your dream.

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      I would say that 99% of them would be ecstatic as they had fulfilled their dreams. The remaining 1%, which is already too low and almost negligible, would have some issues like they made a wrong decision or something like that.


      • Bearitzens
        Bearitzens commented
        Certainly! When our dreams come true, we feel happy. I am sure that they feel the same way, too.

      • BleakHeatingBoundary
        Do you think that those who fall on the 1% are thinking of trying to go back to their original assigned gender?

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      Actually, I like transwomen who had their full operations. It is like they had already achieved a thing that they should really do with their bodies. Too bad that they won't be able to bear any child, though.


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        I think that there have been cases in which they decided to stop their transition because they were misdiagnosed by the specialist that they were seeing.


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          I think that it will take some time before they're able to full adjust to their new lives but I think it is rare that they end up regretting it.


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            I had watched a documentary that there were some people who wanted to go back to their original state, but of course, how could they do that one when a bottom operation is irreversible?
            This is one of the reasons why they have to be psychologically examined before proceeding with the sexual reassignment surgery. Because once it is done, there's not turning back.


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              Feel bad in terms of what exactly? Are you talking about whether they regret doing the sexual reassignment surgery or having second thoughts of doing it? Because if they didn't thought of it properly they might end up regretting their actions.


              • SmilesAway
                SmilesAway commented
                I'm guessing that she's talking about the possible scenarios that you're talking about. Because those are the possible ones that I can think of.

              • GriceVoice
                GriceVoice commented
                There's a chance that person got it all wrong. Because there have been cases where the person was misdiagnosed as having gender dysphoria, when the person actually suffers from body dysphoria.