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  • The Confidence

    How do dating apps help give much confidence to those people who are used to the real-life dating scene?

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    If they are already confident enough to have real-life dates then what more if they're using dating apps? It would be a lot easier for them to find potential dates and it's like a normal thing for them to do, as one of their usual routines.


    • LegsGo
      LegsGo commented
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      I agree. People with such confidence can put themselves out there in the open and think that it is a casual thing to do. Some people find this hard to do because they have social anxiety issues when they're out in public.

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    Dating apps for them would be easy as to dating in real-life. Luckily in this generation, we have dating apps to help users find dates in one press of the thumb.


    • KistKiss
      KistKiss commented
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      Dating in real life is sometimes frustrating and because of dating apps, others find it easier to have dates with. Also, in this generation people are really confident to find potential dates because all they want is just sex, right?

    • annierection
      annierection commented
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      So how often do you use those said apps in order to get a date?

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    With the help of dating apps, you can find people there with the same interests as you ado and will give you an extra boost of confidence because in real-life dating, we often look for people with the same interests and tastes as we do.


    • SmilesAway
      SmilesAway commented
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      Of course, I do not believe in such things as opposite attracts, because that is not true. You will look and look for someone who has the same interest as you have. Someone who understands the same things that you two enjoy.

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    Not sure they would use dating apps if they can easily find dates in real life unless they've dated every single person in their city or town and planning to expand their dating scene


    • CumbersomeDirection
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      For me, dating apps would usually help me expand my dating life and it keeps me updated as to how people interact on the dating scene through apps versus the people I interact with in real life.

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    It would be easier because it is possible to skip the getting to know if you're into the same things since you can easily look at their profile for that info


    • assHangingtight
      assHangingtight commented
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      Exactly, what bios are for, right? You can tell everything that it is needed to know more about you and the things that you are looking for in that dating app.

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    Since most dating apps will match would with people who are into the same things as you, it would only mean that the both of them can talk about those interests rather than ask each other what they're into


    • RageThinDrill
      RageThinDrill commented
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      This would simply mean that it would be even easier for them to find the people who are readily available and also looking to have dates. Life would then be simplified for them. It would just be click, click and click.

    • assObeisanttight
      assObeisanttight commented
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      Guess that being a few steps ahead when it comes to the getting to know stage is really an advantage

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    they get to practice what they say and get the right kind of technique that is needed in a date
    it's like a live simulation on chat and they really have nothing to lose because they are behind
    a screen which they are inside their comfort zone


    • BreezeLoveTroik
      BreezeLoveTroik commented
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      How about you? Do you feel that you're more confident to go out with someone because you're here on this site?

    • VinnyBeany
      VinnyBeany commented
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      Do you think that they can easily apply what they're doing in front of the screen once they're talking to the same person face to face?

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    If those people are already dating, then nothing more could be done. Those apps would just boost their egos more as they already knew that they would have higher chances of having more dates. More people mean more dates.


    • Labea
      Labea commented
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      And what do you think is the reason why using those apps boosts their egos?

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    The reason they seem to be more confident is because they know that the people who would talk to them are looking for the same thing


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      Maybe it is because they already know what to expect from the other person since they've had a few conversations already before even meeting?


      • DonHungwell
        DonHungwell commented
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        So you're thinking that there is some form of familiarity that has been established between the two of them?