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  • Choose, choose and choose.

    If you were going to be the last person on this earth and you have a chance to choose one person to accompany you, who will you choose?

  • #2
    Any guy who's willing to do it with me so that we can start populating the planet again


    • StickStitch
      StickStitch commented
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      I like to be with you, honey.

  • #3
    I want to be with a girl who knows how to survive in the wild and is interested to have sex with me of course


    • dickhertz
      dickhertz commented
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      Do you really think that such a woman exists? lol

  • #4
    Well, I hope that it would be with one of my favorite pornstars. Like Jenna Haze or Melisa Moore


    • drew peacock
      drew peacock commented
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      I'm guessing that the first thing you want to do is to have sex with them? lol

  • #5
    I would love to be with Bear Grylls since he knows what to do in order for the both of us to survive


    • anyaneeze
      anyaneeze commented
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      I think you're the only one who wants to be sure that you're going to survive

    • dec
      dec commented
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      anyaneeze you're right I think that she's the only one who's being practical about the question

  • #6
    I'll choose my long time Hollywood crush Keanu Reeves.


    • ItsTrickie
      ItsTrickie commented
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      I like Keanu Reeves to be my accompany.

    • RageThinDrill
      RageThinDrill commented
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      Is he your crush too?

  • #7
    I like Channing Tatum to be my partner. lol


    • Siumedia
      Siumedia commented
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      I also like Tatum to be my company when all the people are gone and we will have a hot sex life.

    • KatrLove
      KatrLove commented
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      Are you hoping that he would give you a lap dance? lol

  • #8
    Henry Cavill will be my accompany.


    • #9
      It would be Dan Stevens for me, he's been a crush of mine until now.


      • LegsGo
        LegsGo commented
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        I also like him. He seems so fresh. lol

    • #10
      I will choose President Trump, I bet he will be fun to be with. lol


      • dixonCox
        dixonCox commented
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        Me too so that I can argue with him all day. I bet I will not be bored.

      • Bearitzens
        Bearitzens commented
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        dixonCox Are you sure you can win arguing with him?

    • #11
      It either Kylie Jenner or Gigi Hadis for me, those two girls are gorgeous.


      • #12
        I like Paris Hilton to be my partner when I will be left alone on this earth.


        • VinnyBeany
          VinnyBeany commented
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          I also like Paris Hilton to accommodate me when I am alone in this world.

      • #13
        For me, it would be my mother, I want to spend time with her and she is my greatest treasure.


        • #14
          Hmm, it would be Scarlet Johannson for me, she's my type of girl.


          • #15
            Any of the three Chrises (Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pratt).