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  • Selfish Partner

    I know that men often end up being called selfish partners. So I'm just wondering if any of you has actually talked to the person about it or you kept it in inside and only tell him about it whenever the two of you are having an argument?

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    Yes, I've told the guys who are selfish when it comes to sex about it. They often end up being mindful about it at first, but after a few weeks they're back to their old ways


    • KatrLove
      KatrLove commented
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      You can't control a guy when he feels like becoming territorial or jealous. He wants you all for himself, don't you feel appreciative in that way?

    • JackWabbit
      JackWabbit commented
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      I guess men easily forget some things? What do you think? lol.

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    Has somebody called you that recently that's why you're asking us if we tell the men that we're with about their being selfish partners?


    • DonHungwell
      DonHungwell commented
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      Well, I have to agree with his claim. Most of us men are territorial that why some would say that we're selfish.

    • SmilesAway
      SmilesAway commented
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      RageThinDrill there might be times that we end up being selfish without us knowing. But the sometimes the problem is that when we asked, our partners would just say that they're okay or not admit that they were not satisfied

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    I have a selfish partner who's always there for me, if we feel like fucking, he's down for it. But if I happen to hook up with other guys, he gets jealous but he agreed to our set-up in the first place.


    • Ponde4rHot
      Ponde4rHot commented
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      He's selfish because he likes you already, so stop hooking up with different guys and just stick to him.

    • ItsTrickie
      ItsTrickie commented
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      Getting jealous when you fuck other guys but still fine for him to fuck anyone he wants is not a fair arrangement.

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    I could not do that one. The man might leave me immediately. Of course, I do not want that to happen. No, no.


    • daisyhoney
      daisyhoney commented
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      Well, looks like we are on the same situation.

    • assObeisanttight
      assObeisanttight commented
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      You didn't even tried of telling him that even during the times that you were fighting?

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    It only comes out when we have an argument. I make sure to always bring it out that he is selfish.


    • LegsGo
      LegsGo commented
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      Don't you just hate it when he's selfishness is slightly off? Well, I always remind my partner that he shouldn't be acting like that since we're not even married yet.

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    Been called that a couple of times because she took forever to cum and I tried my best to withhold my orgasm


    • Labea
      Labea commented
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      Have you really tried to learn about edging because of those exes?

    • GriceVoice
      GriceVoice commented
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      Labea I did the edging but there are limits to it. Eventually, you would have to give way.

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    I would open it up to him right before breaking up with him.


    • Lisbeth
      Lisbeth commented
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      Why would you even wait for that? You can tell him before breaking him up. At least give him a chance to change.

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    I always feel selfish when I have a serious partner, and they are too.


    • BreezeLoveTroik
      BreezeLoveTroik commented
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      I'm kind of a selfish girlfriend but I know how to manage it.