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  • Old and hitting

    Out of the blue, an old man, suddenly hit you up on a dating app. You checked out his profile and it is indicated there that he is 65 years old already. Yep, even older than your father. So what would you do?

    PS. He wants to bang with you, too. Oh, yeah, a sudden indecent proposal for a one night stand. No, there is no money involved.

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    Older than my father? Or do you mean older than my mother? Anyway, I would have to think of it as I had never bang an old woman. lol. Okay, how much is the service fee? Wait, no money involved? Then, I would have to pass on it.


    • Ponde4rHot
      Ponde4rHot commented
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      No service fee or money involve it means that he mans to get you for free and he is 65 years. For me I'll pass on that because obviously they can't keep up with me
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    Nah, I'll pass. If he wants to get the best of me, then he should pay up!


    • Financial
      Financial commented
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      Agree! Remember what they say, if you're good at something, never do it for free. I am also great in bed and I shouldn't be pleasing an old man just for free lol.

    • Injustice
      Injustice commented
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      You can maybe ask him to trade sex into something if he dont want to give money but you dont know if he is still strong in his state

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    Oh, no. Sorry but no. Even if that would be charged as an added experience then it would still be a no for me. I would not bang an older woman. That would be akin to fucking my mommy.


    • dec
      dec commented
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      I agree and the fact that there is compensation from the services that you're going to offer. It would be best to reject them right away!

    • LoveLatteHappy
      LoveLatteHappy commented
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      Since I have a feeling that soon I might end up or want to become a sugar daddy, I'd consider that there will be money involved. It is important, but if someone has given me that kind of offer, I will reject her immediately.

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    But I need money to do that one! LOL. Without money then I would have to pass on it. I want to have some talent fee in doing that.


    • BreezeLoveTroik
      BreezeLoveTroik commented
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      You have a point there, and yes, I would pass on that one. I'd give it a go if he offers me cash for it.

    • assObeisanttight
      assObeisanttight commented
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      LOL. Same here. I do not like to do it without a talent fee. I guess that the world is revolving around money.

    • andycornholder
      andycornholder commented
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      I agree with this one. Nothing comes free nowadays especially with that kind of proposal. My performance would be worth his money anyway so it's a win-win situation.

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    Sure. I had never experience to bang someone way older than I am so for experience's sake then I would accept her invitation. But that would have to be done once and there should be no next time with her.


    • Loveriegar
      Loveriegar commented
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      Hmmm, ok, you have a point there. Now, my horizon has been widened.

    • StickStitch
      StickStitch commented
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      Would you really do that for experience? I can't believe that someone would actually go to the extent that they will bang someone who practically can be their mother already.

    • Lisbeth
      Lisbeth commented
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      StickStitch It is for experience's sake, baby. You would only do it once in your life. Sometimes, we need to do some things to enrich our lives.

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    Banging an old woman for free? Where can I sign up? As long as we're splitting the bill for the accommodation, then it's all good.


    • LegsGo
      LegsGo commented
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      I'm sure that you two will have a good time. Oh, well, for me, I think it might be okay to bang an old man for the experience. I guess he can it at his place or mine, anywhere is good, we can split the bills for the hotel too.

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    To the surprise of everyone here, I would accept it. It will be added to the rich experiences that I have. See? Sometimes, we need to try some things that few even dared to venture into.