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Sex on first date?

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  • Sex on first date?

    Would you have sex on your first date? Why or why not?

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    As a woman, that would have to be a no. I would wait for me to have few more dates, then I could agree for a sex afterwards.


    • ClingClippie
      ClingClippie commented
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      But what if he's a yummy man, would you say no if he asks you for like, three times already? I bet that you might give it right after the third question.

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    I probably would have sex on the first date especially if the guy is interesting and hot. I don't want that kind of chance go.


    • pussyDazzlingwet
      pussyDazzlingwet commented
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      Are you going to initiate the first move or are you going to wait if he asks you first? Sometimes I just wait for them just to see if we're on the same page so we can give it a go.

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    Of course, I am a man, so I would love to have sex on the first date! Bring it on, baby!


    • TeethPlane
      TeethPlane commented
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      But what if your date does not want to have sex with you? Would you accept that she's not interested at the moment? OR are you going to convince her just so she can give in to you?

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    It depends on the qualities of my date. If he is handsome, sexy and with a big dick then I would go on. Lol. Really, I would. Why, that is already an opportunity that must be grabbed.


    • Injustice
      Injustice commented
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      Grab every opportunity you want but please be careful of having sex with random guys. You two should do it in a safe way to avoid catching a disease.

    • pussyTiredlicking
      pussyTiredlicking commented
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      Lol. Same here. Duh! Who would not want it? The kind of man is hard to come by so I would seize that moment to be with him.

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    Again, no for me. I need around five dates before I could have a sex with him. I still need to enjoy those dates first. Lol.


    • pussyLargewet
      pussyLargewet commented
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      Are you sure that you can keep it that long? I don't think that a guy would be interested in you after the third date without having sex with him. I think he cannot handle that long.

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    Of course! I would love it! After a first date, we'll go to my place so he could bang me.


    • Loveriegar
      Loveriegar commented
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      Or maybe you should consider going to his place, but have you two tried checking-in in a hotel or motel?

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    Trust me. Every trans want to have sex on the first date unless the man is not that appealing. So, yeah, I would want to have sex on the first date. It is sex that we want to have, right?


    • MarlinMartingale
      MarlinMartingale commented
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      I hope that they'd ask you first if you wanted to have sex before you'd even ask them. It shows that they're really interested in you, if that's the case.

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    Sex on first dates usually happens, whether intoxicated or not but it is possible to happen if you two had dinner dates. It is expected that after the date is that you two should get laid, right?