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  • Frozen Eggs

    What do you think of women who are planning to transition to men, but are freezing their eggs in order to be able to have a child of their own?

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    I don't see anything wrong with it and besides it's their eggs so they can do whatever they want with it


    • JaneDough
      JaneDough commented
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      I agree, whatever they do, it doesn't matter to us because it is theirs.

    • KatrLove
      KatrLove commented
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      JaneDough Lol! I really don't get the people nowadays.

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    The only ones that I know who might be against it are the one who have a religious or conservative background. Because they believe that person who's from the LGBTQ community are not suited to raise children


    • anitalongerman
      anitalongerman commented
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      I think that they should just shut up and leave them alone. Thinking that they always have the moral high ground will not grant them vip tickets to heaven. If ever there is one

    • StickStitch
      StickStitch commented
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      anitalongerman That would be a good idea.

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    I guess that's okay. That's their body after all.


    • VinnyBeany
      VinnyBeany commented
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      That's right. Less judgement, more fun.

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    Well, that is actually a good move, at least even if they become men physically, they can still have their own child.


    • SmilesAway
      SmilesAway commented
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      How about you? Are you planning your eggs to be frozen also?

    • anyaneeze
      anyaneeze commented
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      SmilesAway Lol, are you insinuating that she has plans to transition into a man?

    • Lisbeth
      Lisbeth commented
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      anyaneeze there are some straight women who freeze their eggs also just in case they want to have their own kids when they hit an age where it would be difficult for them to conceive naturally

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    Well, it's their eggs so there's nothing we can do about it really. And there is nothing wrong with having a child who shares your dna


    • Ponde4rHot
      Ponde4rHot commented
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      That's true. I would agree with you on that.

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    I think that they're thinking ahead of their future and they just want to be sure that they have a child of their own


    • Loveriegar
      Loveriegar commented
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      I agree, and actually, I admire people like them who do not only focus on the present but also think about the future.

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    I've heard that some ladies also tend to have some of their eggs frozen just in case they get married late and have problems in having their own children in the natural way


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      That is actually a very wise decision to do. Maybe I should freeze my sperm too. lol


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        I agree with the opinion of people here, freezing your egg before transitioning is a good move. It means that he has plans to have a family of his own in the future.


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          If she dis that then she made a good decision. She was thinking of the future ahead of her.