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Freezing the sperm

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  • Freezing the sperm

    I have this friend of few years now. She is a trans. Lately, she asked me if it was fine to freeze his sperm before starting HRT. I did not know how to react, actually. I asked her why does she need to have it done? She said that it would be for insurance and safety purposes. And I was like: What?

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    Originally posted by garyrary View Post
    She said that it would be for insurance and safety purposes.
    Insurance for what?
    Safety purpose for what?

    I had known some who did freeze their sperms as they wanted to have some children in the future. But I think that it would not look nice. As in, you are a trans, but had children through medical means.


    • kendikendall
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      Even if it had undergone medical means, most of them became a success through it.

    • BuffyThinFun
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      What's wrong with have children of their own? It would be better that you keep your opinion about that to yourself since you might end up alienating people with what you just said

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    I do not understand her reasons. Why does she need to freeze his sperms when she would be embracing her true self as a trans?


    • JaneDough
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      It would be a waste of sperm, she might want to have a family soon, You can't tell, it's her decision anyway

    • Creamal
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      She just wants to have children that she can call her own. Just because you're trans it doesn't mean that you shouldn't have children of your own

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    It's like sperm banking, especially for those who have low sperm count. But maybe because your friend is saving it for the hope of having a baby in the future. There's nothing wrong about that.


    • Labea
      Labea commented
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      Yes, even young children can be candidates of sperm banking.

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    For me, it does not look good. It defeats the purpose of becoming a trans. You had embraced to be trans because you wanted to be a woman. Now, why would you have to save your sperm for the purpose of pro-creation?


    • ReamerCream
      ReamerCream commented
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      Maybe because he hadn't made up his mind yet before? Or maybe she discussed it with her partner then suddenly considers wanting it now.

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    Well, if he plans to have a child of his own then he could do the preservation of his sperm. It would not look good, though.


    • FrogAddiction
      FrogAddiction commented
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      What do you mean it would not look good? Have you heard of unsuccessful stories about this?

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    Is she thinking of having children in the future? I am so confused in here. Really.


    • BleakHeatingBoundary
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      Maybe in time, we'll know.

    • GriceVoice
      GriceVoice commented
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      It sure looks like she wants to have children of her own. Why would she freeze them if she has no plans of using them in the future?