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  • Wig it?

    Yeah, I know that there are some who wear wigs just to have some options on the hair styles. But do you prefer to have your own natural hair to be styled or continue to use those wigs?

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    I would like to use my own hair to be styled. In that way, the handling would be easier as I could be running around without the fear that it might fall off.


    • assHangingtight
      assHangingtight commented
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      But have you tried using extensions when you have your hair cut short? Extensions are also essential for styling hair.

    • MarlinMartingale
      MarlinMartingale commented
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      Much more easier and convenient rather than putting on a wig the only good about wig is you dont have to groom it to much

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    Since I want to have many hair styles, I always resort to wearing various wigs. You would get to use wearing those wigs, eventually.


    • Labea
      Labea commented
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      So, do you often wear colorful wigs or just use extensions and call them wigs? Isn't it a bit time-consuming when you style them?

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    I prefer my natural hair to be styled you will be more confident and its easier to carry around with you than a wig besides having your own natural hair styled is more gorgeous


    • TeethPlane
      TeethPlane commented
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      I'm okay with my natural hair, I'm not a fan of wigs or any styling, but you cannot see it because I haven't put out a profile picture yet.

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    I love wearing some wigs, It's like you are have different persona, One day i feel like im american, hispanic or native hawaiian Lol and love experimenting with different colors and its much more easier to apply it on a wig


    • Siumedia
      Siumedia commented
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      I'm happy to see that you wear wigs that depends on your mood. It's kinda like what I usually do but when I'm not in the mood, I'd be default like just styling my real hairstyle.

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    I'd pretty much prefer people who embrace their natural hair. I have no hate for wig lovers, it feels uncomfortable for me to see colorful wigs and it looks kinda heavy on the head.


    • dec
      dec commented
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      I agree on this one its more better to go out there swaying your natural hair than a fake one

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    Love to wear some wig and style if it does not look like a pubic hair or a seaweed imagine if they are made from someone's pubes then I will fucking burn that wig