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Eeewww! The hairs

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  • Eeewww! The hairs

    Without the effects of transition hormones, most trans would still have some thick hair growing on all possible areas. What are the best ways to get rid of these pesky hairs?

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    I have been shaving all those hairs - everyday! Yes, every day! It has been my daily routine and I have gotten used to it already.


    • dickhertz
      dickhertz commented
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      Daily? Then your skin must have been so irritated and could have some cuts already!

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    Go and get a laser treatment. That is the best way to get rid of those pesky hair. It is expensive but the results are worth the price.


    • KistKiss
      KistKiss commented
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      But not everyone, most specially the younger ones who do not have the financial capacity, would be able to afford those laser treatments. Although, yes, laser treatments would be the best to have.

    • CumbersomeDirection
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      While the best treatment, it would also be the most expensive one. If you the money then go for it.

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    Oh, you should waxing. It is cheap and effective. This method is far better than shaving. It takes time before hair would grow again.


    • assWrytight
      assWrytight commented
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      I agree to this. Before my surgery, I am a fan of shaving but then I realized that through shaving, hair grows quicker. That's why after my surgery, all I did with my body hair is waxing.

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    Maybe some laser treatment will do. Even though those hairs will not be permanently gone, at least, they are gone for the mean time and it will be long until they grow back again.


    • GarnettThinBelieve
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      I'd agree with your suggestion about doing laser treatment, but I've never done that before in my life. Well, it is definitely a must-try for me!

    • Lisbeth
      Lisbeth commented
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      But is that effective? Have you tried having a laser treatment, FunSoft?

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    I believe that waxing can really help. Do not ever shave because that would only make the hair grow thicker. Well, that is based on my experience.


    • BeachBurke
      BeachBurke commented
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      So, why would you even use razor blades for shaving? What did you shave there GriceVoice? Waxing is much painful than shaving by the way.

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    Given that I was a woman before, my body hair are not as much as the men. That's why I take something that will let me grow some hair. Now that I am a man, I would like to be as hairy as possible. Lol!


    • Loveriegar
      Loveriegar commented
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      Right. So, you do not need to have those hair removed.