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    I think you need to define your own on how to become a trans and don't rely on what others think about you. If you are having a hard time being one then think about what you are going through and do the things that make you happy.


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      Why do you feel that you are not trans enough? Maybe you're taking it really slow that is why you feel that you're just dressing up. Also have you talked to a specialist regarding this feeling?


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        I agree with what pussyLargewet has when it comes to talking to a specialist about what you're feeling at the moment. Were the changes that you're hoping to happen is not going as fast as you've expected that is why you're thinking that it is rather too slow?


        • assWrytight
          assWrytight commented
          Don't worry, I'm seeing a specialist at the moment and you might be right that I feel that things are going slow for me.

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        My personal belief is that one doesn't need to fully adhere to a particular label or so-called "requirements" and can choose to do only what will make them more comfortable. If you feel that you are not trans enough because they behave and look more trans than you then don't be like them and just do what you like and I'm sure they will respect you.


        • JoyTwin
          JoyTwin commented
          She might be thinking that she is still not happy with what her transition that is why she feels like she's playing dress up.

        • pussySwankylicking
          pussySwankylicking commented
          It is easy for you to say that you transgenders doesn't need to follow the so-called requirements since you're not the one who's transitioning.

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        You have to do what's best for you to be happy. If you're happy with how you interact with the world and with yourself, then that's great! For me, there are no words like "Not Trans Enough" you are always welcome to do what you want and you need to embrace what you're doing right now.


        • Loverser
          Loverser commented
          Why do you think that she feels like he's not trans enough?

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        I think its best if you seek help with your trans friend so they can assist you with how to fully transition yourself as a trans.


        • JackWabbit
          JackWabbit commented
          I advise she seeks professional that can help her out to fully transition herself when she's undergoing a difficult time to change.

        • Creamal
          Creamal commented
          JackWabbit yes, that is also a good idea, having a professional opinion and guide is really a good thing.